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Mary Stephens

Owner & Global Destination Specialist

About Calligraphy Journeys

Calligraphy Journeys is the segment of Christopher Travel LLC with an exclusive focus on romance travel.   I founded the company to help my clients travel to global destinations in ways that they may not have thought possible.

Serving clients globally from our Washington, D.C. headquarters, we are a full service travel planning company. We attend to every detail so that you and your loved ones head off on unique voyages armed with knowledge, full of confidence, and ready for excitement.

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About Mary

As long as I can recall, the thrill of seeing new places, tasting new foods, meeting new people and encountering unique cultures has intrigued me.  I can still remember my excitement on my very first plane trip from NYC to CA when I was three years old.   By the time I was in fifth grade and made my first transatlantic trip to Europe I was hooked.  In high school I lived in Europe and I went on to study international relations at Georgetown University.  I have in total visited more than 43 countries and almost all the states in the U.S.  As a parent I have also traveled abroad extensively with my four children as babies, toddlers, tweens and teens (even my ten year old can boast 24 countries)!

Because of my vast personal experience with travel I am uniquely qualified to plan extraordinary adventures making your dream destinations a reality.  I take great care to get to know my clients and will plan a trip with you that reflects your unique personality.  I’ve traveled enough to anticipate all that needs to be done to ensure a wonderful trip.   I plan every aspect of your vacation from helping you choose the perfect destination, to suggesting things to pack, and everything in between.  As a Global Destination Specialist you can be assured I will attend to every detail so you can relax and enjoy the adventure!