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Twenty Steps to Planning a Destination Wedding with Christopher Travel LLC

  1. Fill out the Destination Wedding Consultation Request form
  2. Prior to meeting fill in the detailed wedding survey questionnaire.
  3. Gather photos and/or work on your wedding Pinterest
  4. Meet with Christopher Travel LLC for your initial consultation. We will go over the planning process and ask questions about your vision for the wedding.  We may offer some venue suggestions at this point or we may need to do a bit more research.
  5. Sign a letter of agreement and pay the refundable $500 planning fee*.
  6. Fill out guest list planning sheet.
  7. At this point Christopher Travel will offer several options for your wedding venue and we will work with you as long as it takes to craft a formal proposal that you love.
  8. Approve a proposal and pay any required vendor deposits.
  9. Work with Christopher Travel to set up included wedding website and optional facebook group.
  10. Consult with the wedding planner and begin working on details.
  11. Plan any extra activities/events for the bridal party and guests.
  12. Start planning your honeymoon.
  13. Send out invites and gather RSVPS.
  14. Christopher Travel will work with you and your guests to plan all travel.
  15. Christopher Travel will work with your wedding planner to coordinate guest lists, travel and activities.
  16. Submit final payments and go over any remaining details.
  17. Enjoy your big day!
  18. Go on your honeymoon!
  19. Receive refund for planning fee as well as any vendor credits and deposits.
  20. Live happily ever after!


*Christopher Travel works very hard researching and planning your destination wedding.  This fee helps cover our costs should you not follow through with the wedding.  It is 100% refundable after your wedding takes place.  It will become non refundable only in the event that your wedding is cancelled or does not take place for any reason in which case Christopher Travel will retain the entire fee.


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