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Our story

This is space to share your story!  Have fun and share as much as you want.

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Couples usually send a handful of engagement photos to include as background images for their wedding landing page.  We usually leave this section as a solid background to make it easier to read about your story.

For example:

Mary and Rick met in Washington, D.C. in front of the reflecting pool of the Capitol.  There were stars in the air as they laughed throughout the Labor Day performance of the National Symphony Orchestra.  Rick was charmed by Mary's antics, much to the embarrassment of her friends!  As this was back in the day before cell phones, it took a while for the two to connect again and go out on their first date.  Thanks to helpful friends, to include a note passed in class, they headed off to an Irish pub for lunch and some time at the zoo...


Wedding Information


3 p.m. on Saturday, Month XX, 2019

[Facility name] in [City], [State/Country]

[Casual/Semi-Formal/Formal/Black Tie] attire

Cocktail Hour & Reception

5 p.m.

[Facility name] in [City], [State/Country]



[Name of hotel/suites] in [City], [State/Country]

Rooms are blocked with a group rate, please contact Mary Stephens, at Christopher Travel LLC:

We will provide a web link for your guests


located in Washington, D.C.

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